“How To Attract Your First Paying Copywriting
Client In Just 14 Days – Even If You’re A Beginner”




You Too Can Attract High-Paying
Copywriting Jobs And Clients …

Even If You Don’t Have Much Experience
Even If You Don’t Have A Portfolio Yet
Even If You’ve Never Been Paid To Write Before
Even If You Work A 9-5 Job Right Now …

Dear Soon To Be Well Paid Copywriter,

In the next 3 minutes, I’m going to reveal 10 proven strategies you can use to attract well-paying copywriting clients quickly and easily (even if you’re a newbie). But first …

Let me ask you a couple of questions …

Do you want to become a copywriter but you’re afraid nobody will hire you?
Are you clueless about where to look for high-paying copywriting jobs?
Are you worried about competing with better, more experienced copywriters?
Are you a copywriter who’s worried about where your next job is coming from?
Would you like to discover the same strategies a copywriting veteran has been using for 10 years to consistently attract high paying clients, month after month?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then keep reading, because I have some great news for you!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner copywriter struggling to get your first client or an experienced copywriter who’s been in the game for years …

What you’re about to read on this webpage will help you attract copywriting clients quickly, easily and consistently – even if you’ve never been paid to write copy in your life!



It’s Wednesday Morning, Your Phone Rings …

You pick it up and the caller asks you …

“Are you the copywriter?”

“Yes I am” you answer.

It’s a business owner. He desperately needs to hire a copywriter for his new website. After a short discussion, you provide a quote, which he approves and agrees to pay later that day!

You head over to your kitchen table, fire up your laptop and check your email. You discover 3 new copywriting inquirers have been emailed to you overnight. You know you’ll convert at least 2 of them into clients – which could mean a few extra thousand dollars to you.

You’re interrupted by another phone call. It’s someone who’s been referred to you by one of your previous clients. It seems they’ve been raving about you all over town, and now people are calling, looking to hire you! You discuss his project needs, email a quote, then head out to lunch.

You smile, realising you’re going to make a few extra thousand dollars this month!

Wait, is this really possible? Absolutely. I’ve personally experienced many days like this during my 10 year copywriting career. And I’m not alone. Literally thousands of freelance copywriters around the world are enjoying lucrative careers, some are working part-time, others full-time.

You can do this too. You don’t have to be the best copywriter in the world to get copywriting jobs. You simply need to know how to market your services and get clients. And that’s exactly what I show you how to do, step-by-step, inside my new ebook ‘How To Get Copywriting Clients Fast’.

Before I reveal my 10 favourite client-getting strategies, allow me to (briefly) introduce myself.


Who Is Jesse Forrest?

Australia’s leading copywriter with 10 years experience
Jesse has been invited to share his copywriting expertise at business conferences around Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and the United States of America.
Discovered through trial-and-error the most effective strategies for attracting copywriting jobs and clients (which can work for anyone, regardless of your level of experience)
Has used these strategies to attract the attention of (and get hired by) many of the world leading entrepreneurs (Jay Abraham, Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, etc.)
Travels the world for several months every year and uses these client-getting strategies to fund overseas trips to exotic destinations like Thailand and Europe.
Has inspired thousands of aspiring copywriters on how to start their own copywriting business through his popular online training videos.



Here’s my PERSONAL STORY of how I started my freelance copywriting career 10 years ago (with no money, no contacts, and little experience) …

How I Went From Dead Broke With NO Copywriting
Experience To Attracting My First 2 Paying
Copywriting Jobs
In Just 30 Days”

In 2004, I was very much alone.

I quit my day-job as a salesman and moved into a share house where I didn’t know anyone. All to chase my dream of becoming a copywriter, being my own boss and writing for a living.

Oh, and I was FLAT BROKE too.

I spent my last $600 on rent. I had no money for groceries, food or transport. I was even raiding the house fridge at night, eating other people's food!

In order to get some money to eat and live for a while, I went into the city and pawned the only valuable item I owned, my laptop computer. Yes, my laptop. The only tool I had to run my business!

(Yes, this really happened. I wish I was making this up).

Thankfully, I made THREE important decisions that turned everything around for me.

3 Decisions Turned Everything Around For Me
(And Helped Me Get My First 2 Paying Clients!)

I went from being dead broke and struggling ... to launching my copywriting business and landing my first 2 paying clients! Here’s exactly what I did …

Down to my last few dollars, I knew that only way to get out of my desperate situation was to DO something! I couldn’t just sit on my hands and hope for things to get better.

So I went to my first business seminar and introduced myself to a few people there. Even though I didn’t have a website, I did have some inexpensive business cards, which I handed out. One of the few people I met at that seminar became my first paying client!

Even if you’re shy and hate networking, I’ll show you ONE strategy for meeting everyone in a seminar room in just 20 seconds! It completely takes the anxiety and stress out of networking.

I also joined a forum and began meeting other freelance copywriters online – I built a relationship with one particular copywriter on the forum who began sending me referrals and paying clients!

Literally within 30 days, I attracted my first 2 paying copywriting clients!

Now here’s the best part …Both of these strategies, which I stumbled upon out of desperation, are strategies that I STILL use to this day to pickup copywriting jobs and clients.

I cover these strategies … plus another 8 highly-effective strategies … in much greater detail and with step-by-step instructions inside my new ebook “How To Get Copywriting Clients Fast”.


How To Get Your First Copywriting Client

10 Proven Strategies For Attracting High-Paying Copywriting Clients

‘How To Get Your First Copywriting Client’ is a set of 2 ebooks which reveal 10 highly-effective online and offline strategies for attracting high-paying copywriting jobs and clients.

Every strategy is explained with step-by-step instructions, screenshots and direct links to useful websites. There is no fluff, filler content or useless theories. Only practical, step-by-step advice on how to get copywriting clients! After the first few pages, you’ll know exactly what to do to attract paying clients, quickly and easily.

These strategies can work for you …

Even if you’ve never had a paying client before
Even if you don’t have a lot of copywriting experience
Even if you work in a full time job right now
Even if you hate marketing and selling
Even if you’re new to the world of freelance copywriting

How To Use Facebook To Attract Copywriting Clients

Everyone knows Facebook as the worlds most popular website for staying in touch with friends and family. What most people don’t know is that Facebook is also an incredibly effective tool for networking with business owners and attracting high-paying copywriting clients.

In this chapter you’re going to discover …

How to setup and customise your Fan Page in simple 4 steps
How to show up when people search for “copywriter” on Facebook
How to use Groups to find and connect with thousands of potential clients
My 6 step plan for marketing your copywriting service on Facebook
How to attract copywriting clients … without ever paying for Facebook ads!

How To Use LinkedIn To Attract Copywriting Clients

LinkedIn is the worlds #1 business-networking site with over 225 million registered users. That’s an incredible amount of potential clients for you to connect with! So why do so many copywriters fail to pick up any clients from LinkedIn? Simply because they have no idea how to properly use Linkedin to connect and convert other LinkedIn users into paying clients!

In this chapter you’re going to discover …

How to create a powerful client-getting Linkedin profile in 4 easy steps
Examples of winning LinkedIn profiles for you to model!
What to write in your headline to stand out and get noticed
Discover the best type of photos to use on LinkedIn(it’s the first thing people see)
How to write a “summary” that effectively sells your copywriting services
How to go from zero to 300 to 500 connections [without spamming or buying contacts]

How To Use Google Adwords To Attract Copywriting Clients

If you were a business owner searching for a copywriter what would you do? You’d probably go to Google.com and search for “copywriter”, right?

Problem is, unless your website ranks on the first page of Google for that search term, then business owners may never find you. Even if you hire an SEO company, there is no guarantee your website will ever rank on the first page of Google. So what is the solution?

Google Adwords. Within 15 minutes of setting up your account, your website can appear on the first page of Google for any search term you choose (like “copywriter”). Adwords is the fastest way to attract motivated business owners who are searching Google. Comfort copywriters. But it can be expensive, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Luckily, I have created a detailed, step-by-step chapter on how copywriters can use Google Adwords to attract motivated prospects, while paying as little as possible.

In this chapter you’re going to discover …

How to get a Google consultant to setup your Adword campaigns for FREE
How to choose the right “buyer” and not “browser” keywords
My 3-step process for writing ad copy that gets clicks and clients
Examples of winning ads that other copywriters are using to get clients
How to convert more visitors into clients with specific landing pages

How To Use Blogs To Attract Copywriting Clients

Blog commenting can be a powerful marketing tool because it does three things: It gives you a chance to introduce yourself to potential clients; it positions you as an expert in your field; and it draws attention to your own blog and website so you can attract new business and clients.

But be warned: There is a fine line between being a helpful contributor and an annoying self-promoter on someone else’s blog. You need to choose the right blogs and post the right kind of comments if you’re going to position yourself as an expert and get noticed by potential clients.

In this chapter you’re going to discover …

How to find popular blogs where thousands of potential clients hang out
What are the best and worst types of comments to post?
How to be a featured expert on popular blogs through the power of Guest Posting
How to use blog commenting to attract referral relationships with other readers

How To Use Online Forums To Attract Copywriting Clients

My first copywriting client came from an online forum I joined. In fact, a referral partner who sent me dozens of copywriting jobs worth tens of thousands of dollars over the years also came from online forum I joined (did I mention that I like forums?)

As you can see, online forums can be a great strategy for getting clients, if you know what you’re doing (many copywriters don’t and end up getting no clients). If you join the right forums and understand how to contribute, then you could attract more clients than you’ll ever need!

In this chapter you’re going to discover …

Discover the 4 best forums copywriters can use to find clients
5 steps for picking up copywriting jobs while hanging out in forums
Discover the best kind of photo to use in your profile
How to write a “signature file” that appeals to potential clients
How to avoid these common mistakes while participating in forums
How to subtly promote your copywriting service on forums and get clients without being a shameless promoter or spammer

Top 5 Freelance Job Boards For Getting Copywriting Jobs

Freelance job boards (like Elance.com) seem like a copywriters dream come true. Thousands of copywriting jobs all in one location, that you can search and apply for, within minutes! Sadly, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows. There are many pitfalls you need to look out for. For example, some freelance websites charge a premium for you to apply for jobs and take a significant percentage if you land the job. You need to know what you’re getting into before you signup.

In this chapter I reveal the Top 5 Freelance Job Boards every copywriter should know about, plus the PRO’s and CON’s of using each website.


How To Attract Copywriting Clients At Seminars and Events

Face-to-face communication is still the most powerful sales tool available. Seminars and events give you the opportunity to interact with hundreds of potential clients over a weekend. If you attend the right seminars, you might also meet referral partners and influential people who could send you enough copywriting work to keep you busy for a full year (it happened to me!)

In this chapter you’re going to discover …

Why seminars and events are my FAVOURITE strategy for getting clients
Discover the BEST kind of seminars to attend (and which ones to avoid)
My favourite trick for meeting everyone in the room within 20 seconds!
My word-for-word script for introducing yourself to new people at events
Are you shy and hate networking? Here’s how to make networking fun and easy
An easy way to meet all of the speakers at an event and how to get them interested in your copywriting service (I’ll tell you exactly what to say, word-for-word)

How To Attract Copywriting Clients With “Cold Calling”

Cold Calling is all about getting noticed. Freelance copywriters work in isolation for the most part, and no one knows we exist unless we tell them. With Cold Calling you can introduce yourself to a hundred businesses over a couple days for little or no cost.

You’ll learn 2 strategies I’ve been using for years to pickup more clients whenever I’ve needed to. These strategies are so simple, easy and quick – anyone can use them to get people interested in your copywriting service within days.

In this chapter you’re going to discover …

How to get over your unfounded fears of cold calling
Where to get a daily list of businesses to call who are interested in copywriters!
What to say word-for-word when you call to promote your services
How to overcome common objections and still get the client!
How to handle and get past gate keepers
An easy way to keep track of who you called and when to call back
How to make cold calling fun, simple and easy!

How To Attract Copywriting Clients With Referral Relationships

Getting a referral is like getting free money. You don’t really have to work for it. And 9 times out of 10 the referral has already been “sold” on your service and wants to hire you!

You should setup referral relationships with people who already service your potential clients but don’t offer copywriting services. But you can’t just walk up to someone and ask “hey, can you recommend me to your clients?” They don’t owe you anything and will probably say no.

You need to approach people the right way and make the relationship a “win-win”. Which could result in you receiving a steady stream of copywriting jobs!

In this chapter you’re going to discover:

How to motivate other service providers to actively send you clients

8 types of businesses you could setup referral relationships with
The best way to approach another person about a referral relationship
What to say, word for word, to introduce the idea of a referral relationship to someone
Common mistakes copywriters make that kill their chances of receiving referrals

How To Attract Copywriting Clients With Direct Mail

Nobody sends direct mail anymore. Everybody sends email. But email filters are more sophisticated than ever before and more messages are getting delivered straight to the SPAM folder. So the emails you’re sending to potential clients may never actually reach them!

If you want to stand out, get noticed and win over more copywriting clients – do what nobody else is doing in this digital age. Send direct mail to targeted lists of prospects. It’s a HIGHLY effective way to get attention and land clients. You simply need to know how to go about it.

In this chapter you’re going to discover…

How to create your own list of highly-targeted prospects to mail
The 6 steps to creating a winning direct mail campaign that can bring you clients
Why you don’t need to buy an expensive database or list
What elements you must include in your direct mail campaign (fail to incorporate these elements and your next campaign could be a total flop!)

Who Is This Ebook Course Really For?

Aspiring copywriters who want to discover the secrets to landing copywriting jobs before they launch their own copywriting business.
Beginner copywriters who are struggling to attract high-paying clients and are sick of settling for low-paying jobs or no jobs.
Experienced copywriters who’d like to discover new and reliable ways to bring in more paying clients every month and double their income.
Anyone wanting to learn how to attract high-paying copywriting jobs and clients!

In case you’re sitting on the fence and undecided about purchasing ‘How To Get Copywriting Clients Fast’ – I’ve decided to do something else to make your decision a total NO BRAINER.

If you order today, I’ll also give you 2 incredible bonuses with a combined value of $347! Which is worth more than the price of the ebooks alone! But these extra bonuses are my gift to you.


SPECIAL BONUS #1: (Valued At $47.00)
How To Setup Your Copywriting Website (14 Pages Report)

The 10 strategies you’re going to discover inside my step-by-step ebook will help you attract copywriting clients. Apply just a few of these strategies and you may find yourself inundated with fresh, hot leads, interested in hiring you to write copy for their businesses!

But generating leads is only the first step. You need to be able to turn these interested leads and prospects into paying clients! You need to setup your website before you begin marketing your services. This chapter is going to show you exactly how to do that.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

How to create your own copywriting website in one hour (no technical skills required)
The 4 pages you need on your website to convert more visitors into clients
How to quickly create your own online copywriting portfolio
How to get raving testimonials about your services (even if you’re just starting out)
How to write about the services you offer (so visitors will want to hire you)


SPECIAL BONUS #2: (Valued At $300.00)
3 Successful Copywriters Reveal Exactly What
They Do To Get Paying Clients (Audio Interviews)

Recently, I sat down and interviewed three of Australia’s most successful copywriters while recording everything in high-definition audio. In each interview, I asked them all of the questions most beginner copywriters would want the answers to, such as:

  • How did you leave your 9-5 job to become a copywriter?
  • What are the most profitable copy jobs to write for?
  • What is your most effective strategy for getting copywriting clients?

How Monika Mundell Went From Working 60 Hours A Week As A Celebrity Chef To Becoming A Highly-Paid Copywriter Now Enjoying A Stress Free Lifestyle

  • Why Monika choses to write for women … and earns more doing so!
  • The online forum Monika used to attract her first few paying clients
  • Discover the #1 strategy Monika uses to get copywriting clients
  • How Monika keeps her clients happy and coming back for more
  • Why she hates marketing and selling … but is fully booked for weeks!
  • A warning about the most popular freelance job board

How Kyle Tully Went From The Corporate World To Starting His Own Successful And Profitable Copywriting And Consulting Firm

  • How Kyle picked up $16,000 worth of copywriting jobs in his first 2 months!
  • Discover his most effective strategies for getting paying clients quickly
  • A surprisingly easy way to get clients using your local newspaper [not cold calling!]
  • How to out-smart and out-market other more qualified copywriters
  • The fastest way for beginners to “get good” at copywriting

How Brent Hogdson Went From A Low-Paying Admin Job To Generating Over $570,000 In Sales In 3 Weeks For His Client And Now Travels The World

  • Step-by-step breakdown of how he generated $570,000 in sales
  • How Brent attracts copywriting jobs using a clever “wholesale” strategy
  • How to structure deals so you earn a percentage of the sales your copywriting generates for clients … which could be worth tens of thousands of dollars
  • What to wear at networking events to get noticed and attract potential clients!
  • A list of people you can setup referral relationships with immediately

What Is This Comprehensive Ebook Course Worth?

I’ve personally used the strategies revealed inside this ebook course to generate a full-time income for myself for the last 10 years.

I personally would have paid thousands to learn these strategies when I first started my copywriting career. But I’m not going to charge you thousands of dollars.

This is a completely brand new ebook. So to celebrate the launch I’ve decided to sell ‘How To Get Your First Copywriting Client’ for just $97. I’m sure you’ll agree that’s an absolute bargain considering the income-generating information revealed inside.

Order the ebook now before too many other copywriters do. Grab your copy today and enjoy having an unfair advantage over other copywriters in the market place!
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How To Get Your First Copywriting Client

10 Proven Strategies For Attracting
High-Paying Copywriting Clients

Special Launch Offer: just $97

How To Get Your First Copywriting Client - Online Strategies (Ebook 1)
How To Get Your First Copywriting Client - Offline Strategies (Ebook 2)
Successful Copywriters Reveal How They Get Clients (3 Audios)
How To Setup Your Copywriting Website (14 Pages Report)

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To Your Success,

Jesse Forrest
10 Year Copywriting Veteran,
Author and Copywriting Coach


  Download Everything Now – Get Instant Access

How To Get Your First Copywriting Client

10 Proven Strategies For Attracting
High-Paying Copywriting Clients

Special Launch Offer: just $97

How To Get Your First Copywriting Client - Online Strategies (Ebook 1)
How To Get Your First Copywriting Client - Offline Strategies (Ebook 2)
Successful Copywriters Reveal How They Get Clients (3 Audios)
How To Setup Your Copywriting Website (14 Page Report)

Order now and download both ebooks, all interviews and bonus report onto your computer within 5 minutes from now!